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Damsel in distress Films featuring pretty girls with thier feet trapped in sticky substances liek glue, and melted gummy bears.


Thumnail Title Description Price purchase
stuck at the park Trisha likes to go barefoot..unfortunatly someone left a puddle of glue at the park and she steps RIGHT into it , becoming stuck fast. wach her bare feet and toes struggle in the glue. 6.99
in the
parking LOT
Camilla gets her feet and sandals stuck in glue in an abandoned parking lot wiht no one around to help her. she gets he feet free of he r sandals only to find her bare feet stuck. 8.99
Late and Stuck This short video featuers Alana as she is rushing to get a party. Only problem is her jealous roomate has left a sticky suprise for her in the kitchen and she even misplaced A;ana's keys on purpose to lure into the trap. SEe alana struggle wearing sandals and barefoot to get out of this awful sticky mess . 7.99 ;
MEG 'N GOO Ultimate feet stuck video. Beatiful girl next door , Meg, walks out of her apartment barefoot...and right into a sticky puddle of strange goo. Her feet become instantly stuck and she struggles to get free for over almost 10 minutes. You havent seen a stuck in glue video like this before. price: $ 9.99
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